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Fan of the Month "The rebelution of our time, is led by a Snafu of a good time! Let's get together and feel our rights!"
Phil's Social Observations

Familiar Faces.

I always love meeting new people, making new friends and turning folks on to this band of mine. And, of course like any musician that cares about what they do, I’m always hoping to grow SNAFU’s fan base and nothing …
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The Thriving D.I.Y. Revolution

I ran in to a local musician I know last knight. He and I got to talking about the music scene here in Orlando and the music business in general. And that’s when I heard him say the magic words …
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Does Art Have A Soul?

Over the years, the band and I have been interviewed a handful of times. One of the questions everyone asks is “where do you come up with your songs?” I don’t think I’ve ever given the same answer twice. Truth …
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Ryan's Rantings

Paranormal activity in my apartment

This is unexplainable, something that my webcam security setting pick up from the motion sensor. Kind of creepy.

The Worst Short Movie Ever!!

short film a Plummer Production: The Worst Short Film Ever Made!

WTF? codecs

So life as we know has taken leaps and bounds. (every generation can say this) But at my day and time, I have watched video game systems go from 8 bit from atari to nintendo 64 bit , then….playstaion to …
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Steve's Music Talk

Steve’s Music Talk Coming Soon

Updates from Steve will be coming soon.

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AB's What's What


Crunch time!!! This Saturday, July 21, 2012 is our CD release party at The Orlando Brewing Company!!!! I’m super excited about this album, goosebumps excited! It’s so great it makes me want to vomit, does that make sense?  Anywhooo we …
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Bruised but not broken!!!

Its been a while friends and life throws so many curve balls you have to stay quick on your feet and not succumb to defeat. If you give up before your next step that could have been the step you …
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We got down…Down-Low!!!

The Down-Low Show was at Tanquerays, the only underground bar downtown and one of my favorite bars in Orlando. You will always find a familiar face in the crowd, and that’s always a treat. Our friends came out to support …
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